Expert Witness in Wireless, Wireline, Communication, Integrated Circuits, Radio Frequency, Power Management, Bio-Electronics

Professor Sayfe Kiaei (Kia), Ph.D.

  • 12 years of experience as expert witness in patent litigations, IPR, trade secret, arbitration.
  • Testimony, deposition, expert report, validity, infringement, claim chart, prior art, Hardware & Software review & forensics.
  • Areas: Integrated Circuits IC, Radio Frequency RFIC, Power Management PMIC, Wireless & Wireline Communication Systems, Bio-Electronics.
  • 35 years of industrial, academic and consulting experience at Motorola, Intel, Texas Instruments, Tektronixs, HP.
  • Professor at Arizona State University, Oregon State University, UT
  • IEEE fellow, Published over 200 journals & international conference papers, books, patents
  • Standards: IEEE, ITU, ETSI, DSL, 3G, 4G, BT, WiFi, DOCSIS

Expert Witness Experience

Wireless & Wireline Communications

  • GSM, CDMA, LTE, 5G, WiFi, 802.11 Bluetooth, ZigBee, LAN, WLAN,
  • Digital & Audio Signal Processing, DSP
  • GPS, Location

IC Circuits, RFIC, PMIC

  • RF Receiver & Transmitter
  • Analog & Digital IC
  • Power Management PMIC
  • Frequency Synthesizers, PLL, DPLL, VCO, PD
  • Microprocessor, ASIC

Bio-Sensors, Bio-Electronics

  • Bio-sensors
  • Hearing AID, speakers, microphones
  • Audio MEMS
  • Body Wireless Transceiver
  • Neural & Prosthetic Sensors

Hardware & Software Review

  • Hardware, Schematics, Circuits layout, IC Xray
  • Software, Firmware
  • Embedded System, Microprocessor, DSP
  • Assembly
  • C, C++, JAVA, Matlab, …

Partial list of cases:

  • RED ROCKS v. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,District Court, testifying expert witness, Area: RFIC, RF Calibration, report, Review of software, HW schematics, layout, board, IC  
  • IXI Mobile Vs. Apple Inc. and Samsung Inc., IPR – US Patent office  – Multiple patents. testifying expert witness, Area: Wireless LAN, WLAN,   
  • Fitbit v. Jawbone, US ITC Court, testifying expert witness, Area: Health and fitness watch, bio-electronics, heart monitoring, report, Review of Software code, review of HW schematics, board, products.    
  • Interactive Toybox, LLC v. The Walt Disney Company, IPR – US Patent office, testifying expert witness,. Area: Wireless RFID,
  • THETA IP, LLC. v. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. District Court, testifying expert witness, Area: Wireless, RFIC, report, Review of software, HW schematics, layout, board, IC.    
  • Cisco v. TQ Delta, IPR – US Patent office – 3 Patents, testifying expert witness, Area: DSL, ADSL, MODEM, OFDM, report
  • K/S HIMPP Petitioner v. III Holdings 4 LLC , IPR – US Patent office, multiple patents, testifying expert witness, Area: Communication and transceivers for hearing AID, expert report.   
  • GN RESOUND  vs.. OTICON, IPR – US Patent office, Area: Hearing aid, wireless audio, audio processing, multiple patents, testifying expert witness, expert report.

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